Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sophia Institute Press Acquires Catholic Exchange, New Media Company on Rise

Sophia Institute Press Acquires Catholic Exchange,
New Media Company on Rise

Manchester, NH— Sophia Institute Press announced Wednesday the acquisition of Catholic Exchange, the publisher of, and other media products. 

Sophia Institute Press is known as an outstanding publisher of Catholic books, from Catholic classics to contemporary fiction.  Over the last forty years the Press has made a major contribution to what has been called the “John Paul II generation”—people who have returned to the traditional teachings of the Church as the true hope of humanity.     

For the past ten years Catholic Exchange has led the way in the use of new media for evangelization.  Screenwriter Barbara Nicolosi has commented: “Catholic Exchange is just what the Church of the 21st Century needs.  It isn’t just a tool of the New Evangelization called for by John Paul II; it IS the New Evangelization.”  Every weekday features stories from the contemporary press and timely articles, columns, blog posts, and podcasts on how the message of Jesus Christ addresses the crucial problems of everyday life and fulfills the deepest desires of the human heart.     

Working together, Sophia Institute Press and Catholic Exchange will bring an enriched menu of traditional and new media content to Catholics looking for practical help and inspiration. 

Sophia Institute Press is the publishing division of Holy Spirit College in Atlanta, GA and the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts in Merrimack, NH.  Gareth Genner, President of Holy Spirit College, serves as Chairman of the Board, while Thomas More College President William Fahey oversees the Press’s day-to-day operations as its President and Publisher.  Sophia’s Board of Directors is comprised of an equal number of representatives from each college.

Gareth Genner commented: “This is the next step in the creation of a media company dedicated to the new evangelization.  We expect great things from the synergy of the Press and Catholic Exchange.” 

“We have already explored,” William Fahey said, “a few of the many ways in which the two enterprises complement one another.  We look forward, for example, to the use of Sophia’s books as the basis of certificate programs in biblical studies, theology, spiritual formation, canon law and other subjects that will be offered through Catholic Exchange.” 

Harold Fickett, who has led Catholic Exchange for the past two years, will continue to oversee new media operations, serving as Editor-in-Chief.  “I am tremendously grateful,” he said, “to Sophia Institute Press for providing a stable platform from which Catholic Exchange can grow.  Those who have supported us can now look forward to their efforts bearing fruit for Christ and his Kingdom in the years to come.”   


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