Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Father Peyton’s Cause for Sainthood: Current Status of the Cause


On July 20, 2010, Baltimore Archbishop Edwin F. O'Brien celebrated the closing of the archdiocesan inquiry with a Mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Baltimore, Maryland.

This was the culmination of a nine-year, over six-thousand page investigation which included collecting oral testimonies from around the world and the study of historical and theological documents associated with Fr. Peyton and his ministry. On July 20th this comprehensive report was sent to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints at the Vatican for their review to determine if Father Peyton lived a life of holiness and heroic virtue, which if confirmed, would result in the Church declaring him venerable.

Presently, hundreds of testimonies to Father Peyton’s holiness of life have been recorded. Tens of thousands of prayer cards containing a prayer for a favor through Father Peyton's intercession are in circulation. Hundreds of favors have been reported. Some of these favors are remarkable healings for which there is no medical explanation.

On June 28, 2011, His Excellency, Howard J. Hubbard, Bishop of Albany , presided at the closing liturgy for the Tribunal formed for the review of a possible medical miracle attributed to the intercession of Sainthood Candidate, Father Patrick Peyton, CSC, and the report was forwarded to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints for review.

A man in his 60s was admitted to the hospital with life-threatening issues, and his family prayed to Father Peyton. They strongly felt that he was healed through intercessory prayer. The medical community has offered information to support this belief.

With nearly 200 in attendance at the Mass and reception, there were dozens of stories recounted by people who worked with Father Peyton, particularly stories of when they first met him.

Bishop Hubbard spoke with deep passion of the Church’s need of a saint to intercede for families, suggesting, of course, that Father Peyton's virtuous life makes him the perfect candidate. Once a miracle is attributed to the intercession of a sainthood candidate, the candidate is declared “Blessed.” All present were urged to pray for the success of Father Peyton’s cause.

Father Peyton still inspires people all over the world by his holiness of life and his strong and tender devotion to Our Blessed Mother. He is known the world over as “The Rosary Priest,” and for the slogans he popularized: The family that prays together stays together ™ and A world at prayer is a world at peace ®.

To report a favor received through the intercession of Servant of God Father Patrick Peyton, CSC, or if you have any questions about the Cause for Canonization, please email the Office of the Vice Postulator

Source: Holy Cross Family Ministries

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