Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Updated: Prayer Request for Mother Angelica

I checked with EWTN Media Missionary Gus Federle: His response is below:
Dear Esther,
I have not heard anything about this. I suspect it is a rumor. Prayers though are always appreciated!
God Bless,
Gus Federle
This just released on our Official EWTN Facebook page:
“Please be advised that contrary to some recent comments on the internet there has been no change in Mother Angelica’s condition. She is happy to have your prayers and is looking forward her 88th birthday next month”
God Bless,
Gus Federle

Manager of Volunteer Support

EWTN Global Catholic Network

(205) 795-5771
I just saw two tweets from reliable sources Rocco Palma and Johnette Benkovic that Mother Angelica is near death. Please pray to St. Joseph that Mother Angelica may have a happy death.

Report: "death seems near" for EWTN foundress Mother Angelica -- "preparations underway," prayers sought:

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