Saturday, January 08, 2011

Oh Dear...

Orkut Scraps - Friendship

Orkut Scraps

What salutation do you use in emails?

My preference is to start an email to someone I do not know very well with Dear [Name].  I think this is just being polite.  With family and close friends I use "Hi [Name].   However, some of the emails I receive are a cause of constant irritation to me by their salutation. Some start off with my name without anything preceding it... "Esther,...."  Some get right to the point of the reason for the email without even mentioning my name or even signing off with their own name!

I used to reply in kind to those impolite sender of emails. If someone left off my name, I would leave off their name when replying.  I regretted it as soon as I clicked the send button.  My parents raised us to have good manners.  It is very uncomfortable for me to be impolite. So even though I cannot teach people to be polite, I will continue to do my part to use good manners when sending emails.

Hey, Folks: Here's a Digital Requiem For a Dearly Departed Salutation

H/T to Deacon Greg: “Dear”-ly departed: a vanishing salutation

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